Quick&Easy Chicken Quesadilla


With the weather being so nice today it’s hard to imagine sitting inside cooking lunch. I want quick, easy, and yummy so I can quickly run back outside and enjoy the sun.

Now many people know how to make quesadillas because it is just like making a grilled cheese. But I have my secret weapon that I add to many recipes to make it over the top delicious… guacamole.

What you will need!

  • Shredded cheese (Whatever kind you prefer)
  • Chicken (I chose my grilled and ready chicken by Tyson to make it quicker to make!)
  • Tortillas (These low-in-carb tortilla’s are amazing, do try)
  • Guacamole or avocado
  • Spreadable butter

*Some ingredients that you can add to this recipe are sour cream, tomatoes, onions, and rice.*

Let’s get started!

First you will need to either cook your chicken or heat up your chicken. Make sure it is cut up into small pieces then put aside.

Butter one side of your tortilla and put the butter side down onto your non-stick pan.

Sprinkle your choice of shredded cheese onto the tortilla. Do not just put cheese on half of it, fill that tortilla up!*

Once the cheese begins to melt, start adding your chicken onto half of your tortilla. Now scoop as much guacamole or avocado that your heart desires onto the chicken side of the tortilla.

Now most quesadillas are made with two tortillas. Not mine. You want to taste what is inside the tortilla! So now, flip the side without chicken on top of the side with the chicken! (Kind of like a taco.)

Let the tortilla get crispy and then enjoy.

*If you are adding other ingredients this is where you will add them!

Get cooking foodies!



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