Tortellini Caprese Salad

Hi foodies! The semester is coming to an end and things are getting crazy! Papers, projects, finals… AHH! But no matter how tough the semester gets, and no matter how busy I get, I will always find time to make amazing food. This great recipe is from my Aunt Peg, so thank you for blessing us with this Aunt Peg! This is the perfect summer BBQ side to serve your friends and family and it even is a great lunch during the work week. A plus is it really is the easiest and quickest recipe I have ever posted! Enjoy foodies.

What you will need!

  • 1-20 oz package refrigerated cheese tortellini (I used Buitoni)
  • 1-7 oz package refrigerated basil pesto (I used Buitoni Basil Pesto Sauce)
  • 2 cups halved grape tomatoes
  • 8 ounces fresh mozzarella, cut into 1/2 inch cubes (or fresh mozzarella balls cut in quarters)
  • fresh basil for garnish, if desired
  • Balsamic Vineger to taste

Let’s get started!

Cook the tortellini to what what the package says.

Once the tortellini is cooked, add all of the ingredients and mix around.

Get cooking foodies!


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